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On Court Tennis Academy
Where “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline”

About OnCourt Tennis Academy

On Court Tennis Academy was founded in 1998.

The aim of the academy is to give tennis players at any levels, a high quality and complete teaching experience in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.With over 300 members On Court Tennis Academy has established itself as one of the top leading academies in Cyprus.

Facilities including 5 tennis courts , 4 mini courts, 2 practice walls and a conference room.

All coaches here at On Court Tennis Academy are USPTR professional qualified and excellent teachers but are also inspirational mentors who understand the individual needs of every student under their guidance

Our Vision

Our vision is to strive for excellence in the sport of tennis through continuous improvement and development of our players by offering them satisfaction and thirst for learning and playing correct tennis for life through the academy’s core values.

Our Mission

At the On Court Tennis Academy, our Mission is to develop tennis players by building well-rounded athletes by teaching life skills through sport. Our team-oriented environment motivates players to reach their goals by incorporating challenges on the court, in the classroom, and in competition.

Our coaching staff is committed to stimulating self-discipline, accountability and excellence.